"Blog coming soon..." or The Art of Procrastination

This blog has been 'coming soon' since February this year, so by way of breaking the spell of procrastination - here comes the first blog entry.

The struggle to update an internet page which somehow represents you is all too familiar to freelancers the world over. What exciting projects are you currently working on? If you're working on them you're probably too busy to write, and if you're not - reluctant to admit it. But while I conceived of this 'News' section as a way to talk about ongoing projects - to avoid seeming unattractively unproductive in the glamorous world of production - it's not particularly satisfying to write for the sole purpose of self-promotion. So I hope this can also serve as a sort of career diary, sharing not just finished products but also experiences and lessons learnt.

Anyhow - since February, I have worked across no fewer than 5 different projects, all but one of which are ongoing. It's by turns frustrating and exciting, and I'm going to be writing about the other four over the coming weeks. But let's start with the one least expected, most challenging and, most importantly, officially finished.

This July brought one of my biggest production challenges so far. It wasn't tough access or flaky contributors, but producing a commercial for the charity WaterAid, "Help Them Do Their Business", with Grain Media.

The brilliant comedy script by director Guy Paterson required a makeshift toilet to be built in the middle of an office to highlight the problems of sanitation in the developing world. Finding the right team to pull off this challenging concept was crucial: top praise to Production Designer James Lapsley and his team for bringing to life the tricky, 4-design stage concept; DOP Philipp Blaubach and Gaffer Colin Thwaites for making an abandoned office building look extremely watchable; and a wonderful cast who embraced the madness and brought a huge amount of fun and heart to the script.

The advert screened on television, YouTube and in cinemas, and was The Drum's 'Creative Work of the Week'.

So I guess for me, being part of this sort of corporate production raised the inevitable question ā€“ is what Iā€™m doing, doing any good? While I ponder that, you can judge for yourself if the ad does the job.