For broadcast, I've self-shot, worked as second unit and cross-shot observationally using the Canon C300 and 5D.  For other projects, I regularly shoot and often edit the material, including tasters and shorts. Edit-wise, I have a good working knowledge of Final Cut Pro.


**currently updating my equipment to the panasonic eva1 package - details to follow**

My Canon 5D is my main filming camera. This camera can be a difficult one to operate well in documentary-style conditions, but I have adapted it to be much more user-friendly. To combat the short battery life, I have long-life Hawk-woods V-lock batteries that can last an entire filming day. To boost the viewfinder, I have a Zacuto EVF which offers the zebras and peaking functions; I often simply use a Loupe. I record sound on the H4N Zoom recorder and use claps and PluralEyes software to sync the rushes. 

I use a fantastic new rig to haul all of the above with me in hand-held situations. Adapted for self-shooting, the system is incredibly well designed and made by a boutique company called Swedish Chameleon.