Life on the Line, Discovery Channel


Found stories featuring factories in the UK, US and Russia and negotiated obs-doc access for this series following the life of a factory. Set up filming at very short notice showing electricity pylons being manufactured and assembled in tornado-ravaged Alabama.

Series Producer: Jon Stephens / WAG TV

How Do They Do It? Discovery Channel

Worked across multiple stories on one of the world's most popular technology magazine shows broadcast worldwide. Found stories in a variety of locations, negotiated full access to manufacturing facilities and found characters appropriate to each story.  

Series Producer: Richard Stansfield / WAG TV

Nobel Highlights 2010, BBC 1 / PBS


Film exploring the lives and careers of the year’s Nobel Laureates. I digested heavy scientific papers on physics, chemistry and economics to brief directors and the series producer on the main scientific points behind the Nobel prizes and their significance.

Series Producer: Leslie Woodhead / Blakeway

Tamasha (Culture Watch), BBC Persian TV

Fast-turnaround weekly arts & culture production involving getting access to performers, briefing interviewees, organising and running shoots, as well as filming sections for broadcast using Z7.

Series Producer: Neil Cameron / Clan Productions

Alvin's Guide to Good Business, BBC World

Series on social entrepreneurs in the developing world presented by Alvin Hall. Researched 8 films and briefed presenter Alvin Hall. Set up shoots in Japan, Cambodia and India; secured special permissions for filming at rural health clinics in Zambia and election centres in Mozambique.

Series Producer: Alex Seaborne / Rockhopper TV

Kill or Cure? BBC World


Series on healthcare issues in the developing world. “Taking Fakes” explored the deadly side of the counterfeit drugs industry. I set up filming for Dr Alex van Tulleken’s investigation into fake anti-malarials in Tanzania, co-ordinating with local journalists, INTERPOL and the Kenyan and Ugandan governments.

Series Producer: Mark Turner / Rockhopper TV

Love in the Time of HIV, BBC World

Series looking at ordinary HIV positive couples starting families. Fluent in Russian, I spoke to members of an HIV support group in St Petersburg to find characters, most of whom - despite now seemingly normal lives - have painful stories to tell.

Series Producer: Dick Bower / Rockhopper TV

Survival, BBC World

Series about the world’s forgotten diseases. The international production spanned the DRC, Niger, Bangladesh, the Philippines, South Africa and Brazil.

Series Producer: Alex Seaborne / Rockhopper TV