Polish Go Home

This is an unorthodox migration story about a troubled character trying to find his place in the world. Sleeping rough in London, sometime Polish jobseeker Kuba is running away from the responsibility of family life in Poland - and a difficult past. This film follows his journey back to Poland, in search of an elusive place to call home and to face the problems he left behind. I conceived of this film, self-shot it over a year and am now working on post-production in time for 2016 festival season.

The Forest In Me

I am collaborating as Assistant Director with experimental filmmaker Rebecca E Marshall on a feature-length documentary looking at our perception of time and memory, as well as a meditation on the nature of human isolation. At the heart of this film is Agafya Lykova, whose religiously devout family fled communist persecution in the 1940s. A woman born into isolation in the vast Siberian wilderness, her perspective on loneliness and the passage of time will form the backbone of the film. With experience filming in remote environments, deep knowledge of Russian culture and the ability to communicate with Agafya, I travelled to Siberia for our first encounter with her, and continue to collaborate on the film's development and production.

Director: Rebecca E Marshall / Cassiopeia Pictures 


The World According to Mr O'Neil

Over fifty years ago, Mr. O’ Neil left the Caribbean to start a new life in the UK. Now retired, the 76-year-old goes to his local community gym in west London every day. During his three hour work-outs, he shares his memories, stories and opinions with anyone who cares to listen. And even those who don’t. A simple portrait of a very unusual, ordinary man.

I Filmed, Edited and Co-Directed this short film with my collaborator Emily Marcuson.

The film was officially selected for the London Short Film Festival and South West London International Film Festival in 2014.